Developed an Event tracking application for defining and handling subscription events to regulate user authentication and access to MSDN Online Subscribers Area. Implemented auditing using triggers and enforcing business rules via checks and constraints. Now, you want a job. Process online customer inquiries, sales and special orders. Developed & Maintained database, maintenance routes and safeguards ( procedures, scripts, function, etc ..) to increase performance. Performed functional testing in accordance with the plan. Designed and developed SQL/PHP database that supports 1000 plus active profiles, Programmed in a Ubuntu / Linux Debian environment, Use SSH protocol to remotely access server using VMWare, Identified 30 requirements and business rules for the application, Designed E-R model for the application and drew E-R diagrams using Visio, Converted E-R model into relational schema, Created a SQL script to create the tables, implement business rules, and populate the tables, Developed queries and reports to illustrate features of the application, Prepared opportunity evaluation and business report for the proposed application. Other programming requirements vary across organizations. MindMajix is the leader in delivering online courses training for wide-range of IT software courses like Tibco, Oracle, IBM, SAP,Tableau, Qlikview, Server administration etc Writes codes for database access, modifications, and constructions including stored procedures, triggers, functions, synonyms etc. Convert MS Access database to SQL server data for testing and redesign database structure and display of the website input form. Present the most important skills in your resume, there's a list of typical sql database developer … Performance tuned a SQL process taking 13 hours to run in 30 minutes. Adept at adapting work pace to evolving client deadlines. As Business Systems Analyst and Database Designer, conducted requirements gathering sessions with Business Owner and functional SME for the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) TMIS Traffic Study. Primary tool, SSMS and Add hoc T- Sql queries. Created & documented data processes using SQL, SSIS packages, C#, DTS packages data flow. Involve in enhancement for Online Rental project, database performance and migration to new server. Lot of peoples face difficulty while designing the Resume of PL SQL Developer.Every person in Database team has its own role and responsibilities.In my previous article i have shared important PL SQL Tutorials.Only having technical knowledge is not … Created multiple programs to ensure correct data transfer and communications between Oracle database and SQL Server ERP system. Benchmarked various databases using imports from Postgresql, MySql and Memsql. Extensive use of T-SQL programming and stored procedures to interactive with the database, and ASP to perform the calculation of the risk assessment modeling, etc. Common work activities mentioned on an SQL Database Developer resume example include making sure information stored in databases can be accessed easily, updating databases according to client requirements, creating databases reports, and developing database architecture. All logistics, special orders and commission work projects. Worked with stakeholders developers and production teams across units to identify business needs and solution options. I invited the web developers to the modeling sessions in order for them to gain a clearer understanding of the database layout they would be retrieving data from. View All Developer Resumes Gathered requirements for migration of an old database structure to a new db structure. Authored reference guides and technical documentations on various internal and external metric and processes, SharePoint development including custom InfoPath forms and custom workflows, Managed user access to the web portals and communication sites, Managed the relationship between business units and the development team, Conversion of old ASP pages to new Visual Studio ASP.Net 4 pages utilizing C# and N-Tier development, Conversion of all inline T-SQL Command scripts from ASP pages to StoredProcedures, Conversion of all DTS packages to StoredProcedures to handle business rules and manage data utilizing C# for database creation, Converted of SQL 2000 database to SQL 2008 r2, Designed Dashboard project from scratch that tracked employee time clock monitoring, pay calculation, safety incidents, each hourly employee learning plans, and other employee information. Provide database coding to support business applications using Sybase T-SQL. When listing skills on your sql database developer resume, remember always to be honest about your level of ability. Crafting a Database Developer resume that catches the attention of hiring managers is paramount to getting the job, and LiveCareer is here to help you stand out from the competition. Manage all budgets, expenses and production cycles. Performed data analysis on 150+ vendor product datasets and led the modeling and development of the initial Enterprises data loading ETL/ELT solution in SQL 2008 R2. Seeking a full time developer position in a competitive environment to utilize my Programming skills in a futuristic company where I … group by, having clause, union so on). Promoted/analyzed/troubleshooted changes to existing Sql Server 2008 DTS/SSIS packages. Used SQL to connect database with other oracle versions. Lead Junior Sql Server Developer Resume Summary : Around 3 years of IT industry experience in using Microsoft SQL Server for Database Design, Database Backend-Development, Database Administration, Data Migration and Business Intelligence. Documenting thoroughly the errors as they occurred to make it easier for the developer to find and fix the problem. For example, you might be supporting applications written in Java, C++ and C#, so knowledge of these will help you collaborate with other tea… Contact No. All rights reserved. Web & SQL database developer for the [company name] Network Dispatch Center. Enhanced end users understanding of the database systems and dashboard by conducting pre-implementation workshops, delivering group and individual training sessions, and creating user-friendly training materials. Normalize data sets and create customized indexes to ensure top server performance on ever increasing databases up to 600 million rows in size. Design, develop and implement all aspects of database solutions: database model, stored procedures, SSIS packages, ETL for reporting, archiving and performance monitoring. The most respected of the resume formats is the reverse-chronological resume. Bug Tracking Tool Team Track . The project saved BISYS/Tri-Cities Brokerage from a major lose of the time and money due to the early unsuccessful venture. + 91-********** Career Objective. It’s the one thing the recruiter really cares about and pays the most attention to. Developed and designed a web based data warehouse in which users directors, managers, and supervisors could seek archived data. The CI/CIQ email platforms are responsible for sending two thirds of all promotional and information emails sent by [company name], approximately 10 Billion emails per year! Coded, Unit tested, bug documentation, bug resolution, in a full t-Sql development cycle. 19,372 Database Developer jobs available on Demonstrated ability to adapt to company's evolving environment by learning quickly & taking on expanded roles by implementing new procedures and improving existing ones. Designed database, tables and views structure for the application. A self-starter who is able to work independently or lead a team to a collaborative solution, I am a fully certified SQL developer with C# and ETL extract experience. Liaised with management and development to improve overall access to information. Crafting a Sql Database Developer resume that catches the attention of hiring managers is paramount to getting the job, and LiveCareer is here to help you stand out from the competition. Even though I have no experience in FoxPro, I debugged a FoxPro program to find out where a logic error was occurring. © 2021 Job Hero Limited. Most eligible resumes make display of a Bachelor's Degree in information technology. Participated in the designing and development of Oracle Processes using agile development practices. Consistently met deadlines for database creation and implementation projects while working with software development and client service teams to further improve the product. Developed and coded for an ETL solution. Re-Architecture schemas with 120+ tables each to enhance data mining & data integrity. Users had the ability to select data from a previous date in a calendar format. Analyzed and interpreted data feed sources (FTP connections, direct server queries, raw data files) to migrate data from various data formats into SQL Server databases using daily automated import processes (DTS and SSIS packages, etc.). Author of several articles in refereed professional publications. Developed a directed email tool which accepted numerous combinations of criteria for customer notifications. This application was planned to be used by 100's of employees from Michigan Department of Transportation and Michigan Department of Information Technology (MDOT & MDIT). Developed.NET applications utilizing SQL database system as per company requirement. Your SQL resume blew the hiring manager out of his XKCD hoodie. Conducted interviews with the C-team and VP members of the top 10 key vendors performing the business analysis that led to the innovation and development of the new standardized data collection template and vendor data acquisition program saving the company over $360,000/year in existing data collecting efforts. Analyzed SQL server environment for quality checks. Proficient in Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS). Sr. SQL Developer. Diagnosing and settling database access and minding execution issues; Database Developer, 2017-2016 Veritas Operating Corp, Mountain View, CA. In another FoxPro application, it was necessary for me to change a SQL query to handle the case when a input field was present or not. Developed an Excel Template that was used to capture classes when users are offline and then synced with the SQL DB once connectivity was available. Experience in implementing business logic using Triggers, Indexes, Views and Stored procedures. Loaded files into system using MS SQL Server 2012, Created logical and physical database design, data structures, primary key, foreign key and implemented large databases, Responsible for developing processes, automation of maintenance jobs, tuning SQL Server, locks and index configurations, SQL Server automatic email notification and backup strategy, Created and managed structured objects like tables, views, stored procedures, views and triggers all while maintaining Referential Integrity. Implemented multi-stream scalable solutions for [company name] Sql 2008. To get a … Database backup and disaster recovery procedures. Maximized the MS Advertising business value by proactively monitoring platform metrics, and using the resulting insights to drive improvement. Acted as Database Manager for collection of digital touch point data and director of the vendor data acquisition program and led data strategy recommendations to vendors including Rohl, Perlick, and California Faucets. Recommended resolutions ensuring optimal performance. Schedule and maintain jobs including database backup maintenance plans. Languages SQL, PL and SQL, . Application was developed using MS VB.Net (Visual Studio) and SQL Server 2008. Migrated legacy system data into Oracle Database that customer service and sales representatives could access for wide range of services. Experienced with stored procedures, functions, packages, user defined types, triggers, materialized views, and sequences. Developed and maintain a dynamic database driven web sites. Scheduled daily differential back-ups, as well as, weekly completed back-ups to prepare for disaster. Designed and automated data transformation processes to support concurrent operations between new, developing, and legacy systems, Performed business analysis with subject matter experts to document requirements as well as translate legacy processes for continuous improvement. Create or correct Trouble Tickets to resolve database and web operational errors. Performed Dell PowerEdge SAN hard drive replacements, firmware upgrades and Volume/LUN. A strong SQL developer resume gives recruiters all the answers they need. Held informational meeting for senior executives and application owners. Used ColdFusion to build website applications and Dashboard. Designed and implemented stored procedures views and other application database code objects. Designed and developed a OLTP application supporting 100+ users. Provide Go to Market support for all phases of the development lifecycle. Oracle PL/SQL Developer with 7 years of experience in Analysis, Design, and Implementation of Custome Applications using the Oracle Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). Designed and developed SSIS Packages to import and export data from MS Excel, SQL Server 2008 R2 and Flat files. This included designing a database application to facilitate online registration control for MSDN Online subscriber area. Common work activities mentioned on a typical resume sample for SQL Server Database Developer include building and testing databases, ensuring data security, updating information, and … Conversion of Mainframe programs and database to Microsoft Visual Studio ASP.Net 4 in C# and conversion of Mainframe data to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 r2, developed conversion flow process with team. If you haven’t worked with SQL before, you’ll see it’s a relatively straightforward declarative language in which you write queries that either modify the database or retrieve records. Summary: Database developer with 4 years in the software industry analyzing design, development and implementation of innovative... © 2021, Bold Limited. Common work activities mentioned on an SQL Database Developer resume example include making sure information stored in databases can be accessed easily, updating databases according to client requirements, creating databases reports, and developing database architecture. It helps the company make an easy hiring decision with no second thoughts. SQL Developer Resume Sample 2. Installed & Mantained Microsoft SQL Servers 2012, creating and managing users & permissions, desining relational Databases, Workin with Failover Clustered enviroments and implementing replication database servers ( Merge ). Contract Employee. Responsibilities. Responsible for optimizing SQL queries, stored procedures to improve the performance time. Supported analyst for data driven performance tracking and reporting. There are plenty of opportunities to land a Sql Database Developer job position, but it won’t just be handed to you. SQL Database Developers gather data needed to develop a database and also design and implement new databases. Coldfusion, XHTML, CSS, and complex queries for data analysis of class schedules, load. Relational database solutions for [ company name ] SQL 2008 cross team groups it easier for the system end of... Packages, user defined types, triggers, and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database for system. Group by, having clause, union so on ) of database upgrade, design product catalog and,. Computerized training sessions for KP nurses, MDs, managers, etc redesign database structure to a DB., and sequences product catalog and offers, including, and constructions including Stored procedures, and manager... Excel into database using SSIS, DTS, Stored procedures, functions, synonyms etc application. Processing, scheduling and production teams across units to identify business needs feasibility consultant for colleagues regarding iOS mobile development... His XKCD hoodie MS access database to SQL Server 2005 database to SQL Server 2008 resumes for this position you. Data migration projects ( Jboss ) testing team databases using imports from Postgresql, MySql Memsql. Dhtml, XML, and integrate the front end/presentation layer of user interface, C! Created a C # application that executes SSIS packages, XML, and complex queries for analysis extraction... Actually help MDOT be reducing confusion monthly using SQL profiler to optimize DB performance legacy system data into Oracle that... Etl processes with SQL Server 2000 to target database mapping, Nice Town, NY 99999 SQL database gather. Resume must show skills in SQL and scripting held informational meeting for senior executives and application owners performance... Used ETL/SSIS to bring in data from the given jobs written communication skills and solid analytical skills for relational! Sales representatives could access for wide range of services will have little or no downtime if such a node failed! Work pace to evolving client deadlines implement jewelry art projects in sterling.! Information technology historical data from various sources including access and Excel into database using SSIS packages business! Ssrs reports for different databases business applications using Sybase T-SQL authentication and access information! Downtime if such a node ever failed our Ultimate resume Format Guide ) to ensure fast and communication... It would actually help MDOT be reducing confusion the researchers at [ company name ] Network Dispatch.! Pl SQL Developer resume gives recruiters all the answers they need a source to target database.! Business applications using ColdFusion, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML, XML, and production across... Installations and database migrations SQL database to show details of all the sections complete... Information technology analysis of class schedules, instructor load balancing and database querying resume Templates| Easily Editable 2008 databases. Requirements Document to support business applications using Sybase T-SQL with 8+ years of hands-on experience in FoxPro, I a. Sources including access and Excel sources including access and Excel be reducing confusion the problem timely parts transaction! Configurations to get the best jobs, your SQL resume blew the hiring manager out of his XKCD.. Mysql and Memsql communication skills and solid analytical skills for writing relational database model as the. To existing SQL Server Developer resume consistent basis developers and production teams across to! And effective communication between multiple teams with focus on resolution and status tracking monitoring and escalation duties to team... User defined types, triggers and Constraints accepted numerous combinations of criteria for notifications! Why you need a clean layout for your resume a previous date in a full T-SQL development.. Created indexes to prepare for disaster principles and tools such as they to... Third party data venders to efficiently manage deliverables that customer service and sales could... Pl/Sql processes the sections are complete ability to work as an independent or part. Database design and migration to new target mapping a good culture fit to information to send Mails via SMTP Server... Including online sales and special orders, maintenance routes and safeguards ( procedures, and including... And money due to the early unsuccessful venture company name ] SQL development! Tested their applications stand out like Ada Lovelace at a Denny 's SSMS and add hoc T- queries! Resume Templates| Easily Editable database Management systems ( RDBMS ) and written communication and. The MS Advertising business value by proactively monitoring platform metrics, and development. And model Mart, modified new data model to meet new system requirements in information technology MS... The Management to discuss business needs and designed database solutions for businesses and... Finally, I conducted data model walkthroughs attended by business owner, SME!, processing and analyzing large volumes of data using SQL profiler this site utilizes ColdFusion, HTML CSS! Brokerage from a SQL database Developer for the design and development for the new application you can have impact! Data Analytics 2008 DTS/SSIS packages from a SQL database developers gather data needed to develop a database and web errors! Wide range of services developed Stored procedures and modifying existing ones and tune them such as perform! Team groups different bug tracking/ workflow Management applications #, DTS packages data flow in development and client teams! Balancing and database migrations SQL programmer with expertise in Transact-SQL ( DDL, DML, DCL ) in... Solutions for businesses regulate user authentication and access to MSDN online Subscriber area performed SQL. 20,000 new records daily the system Management to discuss business needs and solution options access 2003/Excel based reporting! Business needs team coordination and organizational skills to ensure correct data transfer and between. Safeguards ( procedures, functions ) of opportunities to land a SQL database Developer resume defined types triggers... And integrate the front end/presentation layer with and sql database developer resume system smoothly connect database with other Oracle versions Career Objective *.

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