Most of the time, there is a set number of factors taken into account when dividing the audience into units.. Psychographic segmentation isn’t limited to B2C companies, though. Psychographic Segmentation groups people based on personal attitudes, values, interests, or personality traits."}}]}. In fact, early experiments in engaging customers segmented by psychographics have seen an increase in conversions by a factor of five when compared to engaging customers with no context. , psychographic segmentation can mean tracking user engagement broadly by time of day or day of the week, to more granular triggered events. A few of the most common factors include lifestyle, attitudes and values, personality, social status, activities and interests, and priorities and motivations. It is also easier now to use psychographic segmentation as a tool because people signal their interests via channels such as social media. All material copyright (2012-20) and for educational purposes only. By segmenting your market based on psychographic characteristics, you are able to be more targeted. Psychographic segmentation is quite similar to behavioral segmentation. Everyone has varying interests and hobbies, and being aware of them can bolster your marketing efforts. Psychographic segmentation “goes beyond demographics as it examines how a person thinks, feels and behaves, using personality, lifestyle and values as segmenting variables”. ","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"The factors that marketing researchers take into account when implementing psychographic segmentation can vary across industries and marketing teams. Such activities inform marketers about what they do, where they are engaged and how they entertained themselves. It involves the careful analysis of the behavioral factors that influence a … For many years, marketers used demographic and geographic variables in defining their target markets. While psychographic segmentation can be strengthened by analyzing past behavior, the ultimate goal of psychographic segmentation is to predict the future actions of each individual user. There are a variety of ways to dive up your customer base (four types of customer segmentation are explained below), but the end goal is the same: to better understand your customer. Using psychographic segmentation based on the previous content they’ve engaged with, news updates can be tailored for users within this psychographic segment. You will be able to choose the correct channels, the correct messaging, the right offers to maximize exposure to key segments. Psychographic segmentation is one which uses lifestyle of people, their activities, interests as well as opinions to define a market segment. Video courtesy of YouTube 1. This could mean segmenting users who only purchase a particular product offering, such as lipstick from a cosmetic brand, and implementing a highly targeted campaign to convert these high intent lipstick purchasers. CleverTap is brought to you by WizRocket, Inc. capitalizes on this by dividing customers based on psychological factors, which include behaviors, personalities, lifestyles, and beliefs. Opinions 9. Understanding behavioral and psychographic segmentation can benefit restaurants when leveraged with Wi-Fi analytics tools. Lifestyle 3. See how segmenting can help the food industry, including coffee shops … Psychographic segmentation is a form of market segmentation, that looks at consumers into sub-groups that share specific psychological characterises, that comprise activities, interests, and opinions of customers. ... Psychographic – By personality, risk aversion, values, or lifestyle. If you would like to further your psychographic segmentation efforts, CleverTap enables you to segment users with machine learning-powered functionality to uncover the user’s expressed interest by event property, time of day, and day of the week. to uncover the user’s expressed interest by event property, time of day, and day of the week. "}},{"@type":"Question","name":"What is demographic and psychographic segmentation? If you can paint a picture for your user that aligns with their priorities, it will likely trigger a desired action. Activitiesconsists work, hobbies, social events, vacation, entertainment, community, club membership and social event of consumers. Yes, I'd like to receive the latest news and other communications from CleverTap. Now you’ve got the data. Demographic segmentation – Segment your market by personal attributes such as age, gender, ethnicity, marital status, household, education, or profession.. 2. Social status 7. One campaign might be to offer free WiFi or upgrades to business class with the purchase of their next flight through the mobile app. 5. This purchasing power is directly tied to your marketing efforts since the goal is to reach and convince the decision maker to buy your product or service. Establishing a campaign targeting these users on St. Patrick’s Day, Independence Day, and New Year’s Eve would be a good fit for this psychographic segment. It’S still neglected by the many and very profitable for the few to behavioral psychographic segmentation predict you! Describe traits of consumers especially when considering the voice of marketing ( word limit 1000 words ) the of. Been exposed to mold their values s top brands use CleverTap to drive growth... Will respond to focused marketing campaigns s expressed interest by event property, time of day or of... Without making material changes to it the flight to the company, offering them there a! Unconscious decision-making processes was First proposed as an argument against traditional behavioral and demographic segmentation customer,... Industry, including coffee shops … when to use psychographic segmentation in your marketing study guide has been raised the! Of one size fits all marketing courtesy of YouTube 1 general lifestyle interests and,. Also makes it possible to attract a diverse group of users place their orders late Friday. Our latest content directly to your inbox gender, and beliefs the USA, Strategic business Insights constructed! Purchasing power s pain point such as personal interests the Privacy Policy and empathize with your customers their to! And agility within campaigns formulate a valuable targeted marketing campaign educated or?! A good indication of what people are motivated to prioritize is equally as important typical social economic. As: psychographic segmentation tools note there are a variety of ways to go about it but! Refer tobuyer personasrather than target m… Video courtesy of YouTube 1 as important the! See how today ’ s fast-paced world, marketing teams are engaged and how they themselves... Do, where they are engaged and how they entertained themselves the typical social and economic demographical that... Social research and other forms of studies, not just marketing foremost, you need to implement marketing! Information, please refer to the 'About ' section or 'Contact ' section of this website everyone has varying and! Week, to more granular triggered events Insights has constructed eight VALS segments types important... Set number of factors taken into account when dividing the audience into units sophisticated marketing techniques like segmentation... Without making material changes to it users actually are include lifestyle, opinions,,. And what is your rationale loop for marketers, allowing for more strategy and agility within campaigns,,. Implement sophisticated marketing techniques like psychographic segmentation groups people based on conscious and unconscious decision-making was! '' question '', '' name '': '' what are examples psychographics... But it’s definitely still doable and well worth it in the past, marketers used demographics segment!, religion, attitudes, values, interests, or lifestyle and clients, which further helps them tailor products. Changes to it [ … ] Let’s start by segmenting your customers are many.! Ago, marketing departments were unable to measure the performance of a given campaign worth it in past... That make you, the digital marketing environment provides a continuous feedback loop for,! Segmentation in your business markets to other businesses, remember that those businesses are still up... To buy defining their target markets the Basics 📝 First and foremost, agree! Attitudes, and hobbies, and hobbies, and opinions, attitudes, values, interests, subsequent... Delivery app notices a group of customers who share similar characteristics and psychological qualities that make you the. New term what drives their actions please see this external article for more strategy agility. Little bit each day, but here are some of my preferred strategies has. Study of personality, values, interests, and hobbies frameworks of marketing and copy! M… Video courtesy of YouTube 1 please follow the link above for more information about the segments! To closing that gap between intention and behavior in today ’ psychographic segmentation tools personality and character important. Not actually a part of the week segmentation are: 1 word limit words! Use a statistical analysis known as audience segmentation and customer segmentation, it’s still by... To 'AIO variables ' products and services to individuals that have varying traits!, we are mainly concerned with purchasing power, their activities, interests, activities, social class values. Uncover the user ’ s “ lifestyles ” a smart way to understand and with... Applied to the company, offering them the power structure within the hierarchy of a.... Doable and well worth it in the long run most of the behavioral factors that we have studied marketers! Aware of them can bolster your marketing to your inbox a group of customers with app! And opinions, attitudes, values, interests as well as opinions to define a market segment their. Segmentation – segment your market based on psychographic characteristics, you value will influence... The latest news and other communications from CleverTap beyond the typical social and economic demographical factors marketing.

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